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Whether you are looking for a quick repair or a full roof replacement, we have the tools to make this happen fast.

You’ll be surprised at the quality of our workmanship, and the several options we have available. You should feel confident with the roof over your head. Why wait another day?

Our Most Common Roofing Services:

- New Roofs or Re-Roof
- Shingle, Flat or Asphalt Rroofs
- Roof Ventilation
- Attic Fans
- Roof Repairs
- Chimney Flashings

New siding can transform your house and make it a home.

At Rivera Remodeling, LLC we want to see you have pride in your home. With over 33 years in the business our quality products and services will help make your dreams a reality.

Our Most Common Siding Services:

- Vinyl siding
- Soffits & Fascia
- Aluminum Trim

- We now offer Exterior Painting.

You won’t believe the money you will save after your leaky windows are replaced!

An efficient window upgrade can decrease energy bills , while adding class and beauty to your home.

We provide top of the line product to meet your needs, while staying on your specific budget. You tell us your vision, we make it happen!

Our Most Common Window Services:

- Replacement Windows
- Bay Windows
- Bow Windows
- Awning Windows
- Sliders
- Framing

Worried a new or updated kitchen is out of your price range? Think again!

In addition to our advice and opinion, we also have several references that can come in and talk to you about redoing your kitchen. All of these steps are done with your specific budget in mind.

With your already purchased appliances, we will bring life to your kitchen dream!

We also offer Interior Painting.


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